Scribblings of a writer going through a block!

Suhana Siddika
2 min readFeb 22, 2022


If you are a writer, you know how scary writer's block can be. It feels like someone snatching away your ability to speak — you screaming at the top of your voice but no one can hear it. A void. A silence.

That’s how I am feeling right now — silenced and lost.

I am coming back hear after trying to write an article for a client that started with 110 words and ended with me staring at my laptop. But here it’s different. I feel no obligation to be perfect. I don’t care how this piece turns out to be. It’s raw. Unfiltered and I won’t think before hitting the publish button.

Because no matter how scary it gets, every writer goes through it.

I had a dream of me no able to complete my paper. I woke up in sweats only to realise I have a deadline.

Now tell me, what’s scary? The dream or the reality?

Embarking on a writers journey seems easy — at least that’s what I assumed writing to be; words flowing out of me every time I open my laptop. Why wouldn't I have had assumed it to be? Writing has always been a comfort for me.

Fast forward today, I am ranting out here. I hope you find out what I am trying to communicate. Because I feel words are not enough, always. It needs a mind willing to see through the words and find stories screaming behind it.

Pardon me if I made any grammatical mistakes — that’s the last thing I care about right now. I am writing this to revive the stream of words that are nowhere to be found. I am looking for a hidden treasure and I am in search of it. The rest will fall in place.

If you have suggestions to get out of the block, please drop a comment.

Love ya!




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